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  • You will need a fishing licence to fish or spearfish from a boat in Mexico but not from the shore. You can your fishing licence online at the link below. We recommend taking picture of your licence should you need it at sea where mobile data may not be available:

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Deposits of 10% are required to secure the boat. These are refundable should we receive some unexpected bad weather and we can’t managed to find you another suitable date.

All bookings can be cancelled with 4 weeks’ notice for a full refund of the deposit.

Whilst sportfishing and the other types of fishing advertised on this site are of course all exciting and rewarding activities, they do have an element of risk. it is important to acknowledge that you are in an natural environment and may encounter a range of hazards.

We are a seasoned team with years of experience in all types of fishing and excellent knowledge of the local area and conditions. We take care of our equipment and when supplied to you as part of your package, we ensure it is in good working order. When you engage us for a guided package, we also do our very best to ensure that you are not engaging in activities beyond your capabilities. However, the ocean and the creatures in it are wild and some factors are naturally beyond our control. By booking and participating in one of our activities or charters, you therefore (a) acknowledge you are in an natural environment and may encounter a range of hazards, and (b) accept and assume all risks associated with those hazards so far as they are outside of our control.

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