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Los Barriles is a sleepy beach town hidden away on the East Cape of Baja.  Internationally known by few people, this big game paradise is fished by even less. 

What makes the fishing so good in Los Barriles? Los Barriles is situated where the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez meet and mix with the nutrient rich Pacific Ocean creating a rich soup of unprecedented biodiversity.

Los Barriles is know for two things: its ridiculous amount of delicious restaurants and its dedication to Sportfishing.

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Where dreams are made:

Los Barriles is a paradise for sportfishing and spearfishing enthusiasts! Join us to explore the azure waters of this coastal gem and discover an abundance of biodiversity as you make your sport fishing goals a reality.

Los Barriles is famous for its impressive array of Marlin, including the ever sought after Blue Marlin and the more common striped variety. The chance to battle these majestic giants is almost a cert at the right time of year thanks to their prolific local population.

For a fast and powerful chase there are yellowfin tuna a plenty, waiting to push your fishing skills to the limit.

Los Barriles is also abundant with the lightning fast Wahoo – our waters team with these aggressive fish just waiting to find their way onto your evening dinnerplate. Read more about the species you can hunt here.

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