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Los Barriles boasts a rich marine ecosystem teeming with so many species, making it a paradise for fly fishing enthusiasts. Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner eager to land some impressive catches, the diverse fish population in our waters promises to deliver. Popular targets for fly fishermen here include Roosterfish with its mohawk-like dorsal fin, acrobatic Crevalle Jacks, beautiful Dorados and a culinary favourite, the Blackblotch Pompano. Large predatory fish also venture close to the shore, offering anglers an even greater challenge.

Los Barriles Fly fishing from the boat

For the purists out there, Los Barriles has many flyfishing opportunities to be capitalised on with many species falling to the fly.

While several reef species will take a fly, there is one fish in particular that attracts the dedicated fly fisherman – the mighty Rooster. These insane powerhouses can push close to triple digits and can be found in very shallow water – in fact we’ve seen them nearly beach themselves right on the shoreline.

For the best odds, we’ll drift right on the edge of the reef, quietly floating along and working the boundary. The Roosters will be doing exactly the same thing, patrolling the parameters for baitfish – usually green jacks.

The smaller Roosterfish up to 25lbs tend to travel in shoals of five to ten, while the larger units are usually hunting alone or in pairs.

While it’s a challenging task to set yourself, flyfishing for Roosterfish is certainly a very achievable goal for the dedicated fishermen. Nothing will be as rewarding when it finally bites, and no other victory will be as hard fought!

Aside Roosterfish, other very notable mentions go to Crevalle Jacks, Dorado and the delicious Blackblotch Pompano of which there is also a good chance of in the same spots.

If this all sounds like your idea of heaven then you’re amongst good friends and likeminded people. We tailor every fishing trip to the goals and ambitions of our clients. Simply drop us an email to start planning your trip, be it a day of peaceful flyfishing in the beautiful surroundings of the Baja coastline or a mixed bag of trawling, jigging and everything in between. We look forward to planning your next adventure.

Los Barriles flyfishing as the sun goes down

Los Barriles Fly fishing from the shore

While the boat certainly gives you access to the highest traffic spots maximising your odds of landing one of these incredible fish, casting from the shore should certainly not be written off!

As mentioned above we have seen huge Roosters in just a couple feet of water right next to the shoreline. Predatory fish can also regularly be seen hitting bait balls just 30 to 50 feet off the beach. There is plenty of opportunity to work the reef and surrounding sandy bottomed beachline.


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