Los Barriles Spearfishing

Fancy taking your fishing to the next level?

Consider a day spearfishing to improve your knowledge and see first hand what these amazing fish are like in the water!

Although hard to master, it’s surprising easy to secure a fish for the table with many delicious specimens found in just ten feet of water. Surprisingly you also don’t need to a pro athlete to get involved, with many fish taken from snorkelling on the surface.

We find that spearfishing is often misunderstood by many people and a small bit of knowledge sharing goes a long way to helping people see the benefits of the sport. At its core spearfishing is the most selective form of fishing. There is no bi-catch, the wrong species is rarely taken and a decision can be made in the moment as to the size of the fish. We find that most spearfishermen have a deep connection to the ocean and its rich biodiversity. They care passionately for its safekeeping and conservation, often collecting as much ghost netting and plastic as they do fish.

We would wholehearted recommend you try it at least once, even if you simply snorkel around and observe the fish you catch above the waterline. It really does give you a unique perspective and understanding of their behaviour and habitat. At the very least, it will give you an edge few other fisherman have and the stunning reefs will leave a lasting memory.

Los Barriles spearfishing is a local company that arrange days out for people of all skill levels so if you fancy an exciting and unique day out, give them a shout!

Click here: www.losbarrilesspearfishing.com


From $475 half day (6 hours)*

From $575 full day (8 hours)*

* Prices vary depending on the boat you decide to charter.

For advice or booking please email us.

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